Reduced AC performance and increased energy use, unbalanced airflow, even odors from your vents can be the result of problems with your ductwork in Boulder City, NV. At Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, our HVAC technicians are highly trained and able to diagnose problems with any part of your system.

Ductwork in Boulder City, NV

If inspection notes that you need duct repair, we can provide professional flexible and sheet metal ducts along with minor duct repairs. We’ll restore your aging or damaged duct system to full performance. We also provide adaptation of your ducts to a zoned system for improved energy use in Boulder City.

HVAC Ductwork Professionals in Boulder City

Your home’s HVAC ducts carry heating and cooling to all parts of your home, relying on a tight system to keep the airflow and air pressure as it should be. When ductwork passes through attics and other areas exposed to outside temperatures, duct insulation keeps your energy investment inside. Leaks, damage, and aging materials can also contribute to poor energy efficiency and airflow.

Many components of home HVAC systems, especially turns, are made of materials other than metal. These degrade over time and produce odors, infestation, and loss of system pressure. Our team builds quality ducts, and makes lasting duct repairs including replacing duct insulation.

We also convert whole house ductwork to a zoned system so you can control energy use in individual areas. Let our experts provide professional-designed duct solutions for your new construction.

Connect with our skilled duct services team for:
  • Damaged or degraded ducts
  • Whole-house zoning
  • Duct installation for remodeled spaces and new construction
  • Airflow, pressure, and efficiency problems
  • Air quality, odor, or infestation issues
  • Vent or intake relocation
HVAC Ductwork Professionals in Boulder City

Your Duct Repair and Replacement Team

At Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating, our BBB A+ rated company has earned over 5,000 great online reviews and both Gold and Silver Best of Las Vegas awards. It’s no wonder, because we’ve been providing exceptional service for over 30 years. Our carefully screened technicians receive ongoing training to stay at the leading edge of HVAC technology. Team members provide a full range of HVAC services including the essential care and cleaning of your home’s ducts and indoor air quality care. As a Lennox Premier Dealer in the Lennox Circle of Excellence, we’re standard bearers in our industry and well-known in our Clark County service area. We support local charities as part of our mission, including Homeaid Nevada and Adam’s Place. Our responsive team provides you with “Service that Soars Above the Rest!”

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Could your ducts use attention for better HVAC performance? Call Sierra Air Conditioning & Heating for expert care for your ductwork in Boulder City!