By Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Don’t Be Left Out In the Cold

By following these low or no-cost ways to make your home more energy-efficient, your home can be safe and comfortable during the cold winter in Las Vegas:

  • Shut down your air conditioner – there really isn’t a process. Just be sure it’s off. You may cover the unit, but this really isn’t necessary.
  • Before using your fireplace – have your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a certified company.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector – Choose one with an audible alarm and test it semi-annually.
  • Clean or replace air filters monthly – dirty filters cost money.
  • Use a programmable thermostat -By having the temperature at a constant setting that automatically adjusts according to usage you can save up to 10% annually on utility costs.
  • Adjust registers – Because hot air rises and cold air falls, leave lower floor registers open in winter and partially or completely close registers on your upper floors.
  • Check the area around your furnace – Make sure all items are stored at least six inches away from the equipment.
  • Check cold air returns – There should be at least 6 inches of space between furniture or objects and cold air returns.
  • Install a water heater blanket – Older water heaters may lack adequate insulation. Save money by installing an insulating water heater jacket. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and do not cover the thermostat.
  • Seal cracks and openings in foundations, around windows, doors, and electrical outlets with caulking or weather-stripping.
  • Have adequate attic insulation – increase if less than 5 inches.
  • Seal leaking ducts and insulate – especially ductwork in crawlspaces, attics, or garages.
  • Let the Sunshine in – Take advantage of the natural heat from the winter sun. Open window coverings on the south side of your home during the day, and close them at night.
  • Schedule annual maintenance – Last but most important, keep your system running at its best by having an annual checkup!
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