Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing is very proud to provide our Las Vegas community with superior service – and we guarantee it! Living in the Las Vegas area without a properly functioning AC system is not something that anyone living in the desert wants to experience. Likewise, we want our customers to feel warm and comfortable in colder months too. Our expert team can help to ensure that you are taken care of with affordable service and in a timely manner. Contact our company today to schedule your free estimate!

Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing Offers the Following to Our Customers

Comfort Guarantee:

Our company guarantees that the system(s) that were installed in your home (heating and cooling) will function in the manner to which we have stated. If we promised you a temperature range that is not being achieved, our company guarantees that we will replace the system free of charge. 100% Money-Back Installation Guarantee

No-Lemons Guarantee:

We are aware that there is never a piece of equipment that performs at 100% all of the time. We do believe, however, that since you have invested a large amount into your new system, that you should be able to receive the full heating and cooling value. Therefore we provide a “No-Lemons” guarantee. This guarantee means that provided that you have purchased our SAM Agreement in order to maintain your home comfort system, we will:

  • If the compressor in your A/C unit fails twice within the first 5 years of installation, we will install a complete and new outside unit.
  • If the heat exchanger fails in your furnace within the first 10 years of installation, we will install a new furnace.

We sincerely hope that nothing happens, but rest assured that Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers peace of mind and will stand behind our products and promise.

100% Money-Back Installation Guarantee:

Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing trusts in the level of quality and the caliber of work that is provided by our team of highly trained technicians. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with your installation. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied within the first year of owning your new system, we will correct the issue in a timely manner. In addition, if for some reason the equipment is not operating up to the manufacturer’s warranty and a representative for the manufacturer has provided verification of the equipment failure, (and if there is no other available recourse) we will provide a full refund of the purchase price upon written request. This 100% Money-Back Installation Guarantee only will apply to a complete system installation by Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing along with additional equipment that was installed on the same date.

Installation Workmanship Guarantee:

We guarantee that our technicians are among the most professionally trained in our area. We are strict on employment and require background checks as well as random ongoing drug testing for anyone on our team to remain with us. We guarantee that our technicians will respect your residence while at work in your home. We will wear shoe covers in order to protect flooring and support a clean environment. Our team will also use respectful language and treat all people with respect and courtesy. If at any time you feel as though a team member’s performance does not meet our high standards, we will extend your SAM Membership Agreement and include one extra service visit free of charge. Please immediately notify our office of any dissatisfaction on the same day that your installation was completed.

Better Than We Found It Guarantee:

Your home is your greatest investment. We truly understand and value that and therefore we guarantee that our technicians will respect your home and will not make/leave any mess or damage your property. Moreover, our team will ensure that your home will be left BETTER than it was found or else we promise to pay for professional repair. Please immediately notify our office of any dissatisfaction on the same day that your installation was completed.

Lifetime Leak Guarantee:

We guarantee that the quality of our installation service is top-notch. Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing is so confident in both our technicians as well as the products that we use, that we guarantee there will be no leaks in any of the duct systems we install that are greater than 6%. This guarantee will apply to any accessible duct system that has been installed by our company on the same date as the equipment installation. Please note: this guarantee does not apply to rodent damage, damage caused by natural disasters, or any damage created by the carelessness of a technician or contractors including (but not limited by) satellite and cable companies, home theater/tech contractors, and any other HVAC contractor aside from those employed by Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

Apples-to-Apples Lowest Price Guarantee:

The team at Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing takes immense pride in the fact that we do not cut corners or take shortcuts. We have been around a long time and are well aware that there are contractors that may offer lower prices. You want to know what you are getting with a price quote for a new HVAC system. Our team will provide you with the complete proposal and will be transparent with what it is that you will be paying for. We have rigorous hiring protocol and drug-testing policies – and our HVAC technicians will always provide you with a quality installation. However, if you are able to show us an honest comparison, including the company’s written guarantees/warranties as well as employment policies, we promise to refund any difference in cost plus an additional $250. We ask that any request of this nature is submitted in writing within two weeks (14 days) of signing your contract with us or of the date of your installation (whichever may be earliest). In addition, you must include the original documentation from the competitor that shows the apples-to-apples comparison.

Superior Service Guarantee:

Your home is one of your largest investments, and we want to make sure you are confident in protecting that investment for your future. Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides the lowest price guarantee, while we also provide the highest degree of workmanship around HVAC and plumbing services in the region.

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