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We have launched a brand new Savings And Maintenance plan that we like to call our S.A.M. Membership. Here at Sierra, we want to set you on a path to ensure your equipment remains at optimal performance, your warranty stays intact, and you get the most life out of your equipment.

FLAT RATE, JUST $16 PER MONTH– No hidden charges. Regardless of how many units we service for you, our S.A.M. Membership is streamlined to cover it all.

To protect your systems, the S.A.M. Membership includes up to four visits per calendar year from our HVAC service technicians and plumbers. This includes a Cooling tune-up (Spring/ Summer), a Heating tune-up (Fall/ Winter), and our plumbers will perform a 65-point inspection on your home. S.A.M. Members will receive priority service in an emergency, and you will get one included emergency service-trip, so if your air conditioner breaks, you don’t have any hot water, or are experiencing a leak there is no fee for us to come straight to your door. If you require any additional emergency visits, S.A.M. Members will enjoy $30 off the service-trip fee.

Where applicable, we will also provide an annual Pan Treatment ($207 Value), a Chemical Clean of your outdoor coil ($453 value) and safety adjustment to your Gas Pressures ($207 Value). S.A.M. Members will receive a discount of 15% off repairs as well as same day install on available parts for repairs needed. Additionally, we are thrilled to offer a two-year parts and labor warranty on repairs as an exclusive benefit to our S.A.M. Members.

You will receive every single one of these benefits once per contract-year. We are committed to keeping your home safe and at peak performance with the highest level of service and warranties in the industry. All our technicians are professionally trained, background-checked, drug-tested, and “Mom approved.” We provide ongoing training to our technicians, so they stay at the top of the industry for product knowledge, industry changes, and superior customer service.

All the best,

The Sierra Team

Agreement Includes:

*On Qualifying Systems


15 Point Cooling System Tune Up and Safety Inspection (Spring) Includes:

1. Verify thermostat programming to equipment.
2. Inspect indoor coil and drain pan, verify pitch, and add pan treatment tablet.
3. Validate wiring for loose connections.
4. Inspect all safety circuits of the system.
5. Measure and record condenser fan motor amps and inspect for oil loss, perform bearing check, and fan blade balance.
6. Test compressor starter components.
7. Measure, record, and analyze compressor amp draw.
8. Measure, record, analyze refrigerant charge.
9. Measure air temperature split difference between supply and return ducts.
10. Check reversing valve and defrost board for proper operations.
11. Inspect refrigerant tubing and coils for any signs of leaks.
12. Clean outdoor condenser coil with chemicals (use of chemicals if manufacturer allows).
13. Verify efficiency of unit via superheat and subcooling.
14. Monitor indoor blower motor speed, verify bearings, balance, and any oil loss.
15. Perform a static pressure check of the system.



15 Point Heating System Tune Up and Safety Inspection (Fall) Includes:

1. Test and verify ignition system and operation.
2. Inspect and verify all safety circuits of the system.
3. Verify all wiring connections.
4. Conduct a carbon monoxide test inside of the home.
5. Measure and record indoor blower motor speed, inspect bearings, balance, and any oil loss.
6. Analyze indoor blower motor amp draw.
7. Clean flame sensor.
8. Measure input and output of gas pressures (adjustments included if needed).
9. Inspect burner compartment and spuds.
10. Validate indoor control board function and record any hot spots.
11. Inspect furnace flue pipe for clearance and leaks.
12. Measure air temperature split difference between supply and return ducts.
13. Monitor heat exchanger condition.
14. Analyze ductwork for any leakage or restriction.
15. Record and analyze any static pressure.


65 Point Plumbing Maintenance

Sink Emergency Shut-Off – Sink Faucet Operation – Sink Faucet Aerator Cleaned – Drain Piping – Tub Faucet Operation – Tub Drain – Shower Operation – Shower Drain – Whirlpool/Spa Operation – Toilet Tank – Toilet Emergency Shut-Off – Toilet Mounting – Toilet Seat/Lid – Toilet Dye Test – Toilet Anti-Siphon Valve – Toilet Fill Valve Assembly – Toilet Flapper – Bidet

Faucet – Water Connections – Sink Basket – Emergency Shut-Off – Disposal – Waste Piping – Dishwasher – Maker Supply Line Filter – Water Alarm Operation

Sink – Faucet Drain Emergency Shut-Off – Faucet – Washing Machine Hoses HOT/ COLD – Emergency Shut-Off HOT/ COLD – Braided Steel Burst-Proof Hoses – Water Alarm Operation

Tanked Water Heater Checklist*
Manufacturer – Model – Serial – Location – Age – Safety Mixing Valve – Safety Pressure Relief Valve – Emergency Water Shut-Off – Water Connections – Drain Pan – Drain Valve – Gas Connection – Flue Connection – Gas Supply Shut-Off Valve – Temperature – Combustibles in Vicinity – WAGS or EQ Restraint – Expansion Tank – Flush Sediment – Sacrificial Anode Rod – Dip Tube

Water Meter with Everything Off – Water Pressure (PSIG) – Water Main Cut-Off – Outside Hose Bibs (4) – Main Clean-Out

Water Softener Neutralizer – Water Softener Bypass Explained – Water Purification System – Check for Backflow – Hot Water Recirculation System

* Tankless Water Heaters subject to an additional charge

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each plan is for (1) year and will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis at the current standard rate unless the customer opts out of the auto-renewal option. The monthly amount will be charged to your card on the 15th of every month hereafter.
  • Repair charges necessary to correct needed repairs discovered by this maintenance inspection will be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.
  • The maintenance agreement member’s service fee is $59.
  • Parts, materials, and labor are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of repair.
  • All non-warranty parts, materials, and labor shall be discounted at a rate of 15% off standard pricing.
  • The service listed below is a comprehensive list of what may be performed based on the type of equipment listed in the agreement and the time of year the inspection is performed. Company procedures will dictate what services are actually performed based on Spring and Fall tune-up schedules.
  • The services outlined in this agreement/service repairs will be performed during working hours.
  • This agreement satisfies the manufacturer’s requirement for the yearly preventative maintenance of your A/C and Heating system(s).
  • This agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings.
  • This agreement is transferable if you move to another house in Las Vegas.
  • Payment for maintenance inspection per this agreement will be PREPAID. Additional repair charges necessary to correct needed repairs discovered by this inspection are due at the time of service.
  • No refunds.
  • If Sierra LLC’s work is altered or otherwise modified by the homeowner or a third party without Sierra LLC’s knowledge or consent, any and all warranties hereunder are null and void.
  • Services not included within the scope of this agreement are: tankless water heater flush, commercial application, HVAC systems over 5-tons or greater than 60,000 BTU, apartments, and mobile homes.
    • Removing and cleaning blower wheels.
    • Cleaning of equipment that is not readily accessible by access panels or proper service clearances.
    • Diagnostic calls.
    • Replacement parts such as air filters, filter media, water filters, nozzles, belts, ultraviolet lamps, and cleaning compounds, are not included in this agreement unless they are checked off and prepaid in the options area.


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