Las Vegas HVAC Zoned System Solutions

At Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we offer whole-house zoning expertise that Las Vegas, NV trusts. If you want to keep different parts of your home at various temperatures, HVAC zoning could be your solution. Whether you want to keep your bedrooms cooler than the living room or you need to turn off heat to various rooms during the winter, you have options available. Our professionals can help you explore your options for whole-home zoning and answer any of your questions. Zoned systems can greatly improve your indoor comfort both in the hot summer heat and the chilly winter evenings. It can reduce the workload of your HVAC system and heat or cool your home more precisely; with the ability to adjust area temperatures as needed.

Different thermometers throughout your residence will tell your central HVAC system how much warm or cool air to send to different regions of your home. A properly designed and installed zoning system will be able to reduce and increase airflow as needed to maintain temperatures.