By Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Learn How to Protect Your Las Vegas Home Comfort System

Have you heard about the ongoing problem of copper theft in and around the Las Vegas area? It’s not just unoccupied new homes and commercial building sites. Anyone who has an air conditioning unit sitting on the ground outside their home or business could be at risk, even in safe, quiet neighborhoods like yours.

During the construction boom of the mid-2000s, the price of copper skyrocketed. The going rate for recycled copper has continued to remain high enough to make this a very lucrative illegal activity. Essentially, thieves steal the copper tubing inside easily accessible outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps and sell it to metal recyclers. In climates like ours, where nearly every home has a cooling system, we’re even more vulnerable. In fact, some states have even enacted laws to deter metal recyclers from accepting copper from suspicious sources.

Don’t be a victim. There are several ways you can protect your Las Vegas air conditioning unit:

  • Place a locking, steel cage around it. These cages prevent copper theft because they limit access to those who have a key while allowing for sufficient airflow around the outdoor condenser where the copper condensing coils are located. Steel is one of the most difficult materials to cut through, so these cages render your AC unit virtually impossible to vandalize.
  • Secure your yard. If your home has a fenced backyard with an access gate from the front or side, put a secure lock on the gate on the backyard side of it. By inhibiting easy access, your backyard fence becomes an excellent barrier to accessibility.
  • Place a new cooling system in a secure location. If an AC replacement is in your near future, pick a spot that’s not visible from the street. Ask your installer to place the system where it will be most secure.

Your home is the most valuable resource and your air conditioning unit is one of your most expensive assets. Beat the thieves at their own game. Take the steps necessary to protect what’s yours.

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