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The Father of Air Conditioning

John Gorrie, a doctor in Florida, is considered the “Father of Refrigeration”. In 1842, he developed an ice maker in order to cool the air for his patients. He was granted a patent to create a similar machine for homes and buildings but died before he could develop it.

The First Air Conditioner

William Carrier came up with the idea for the air conditioner while working at a publishing company in 1902. He needed a way to keep his paper from wrinkling and the ink from running.

U.S. Energy Consumption

Each year, the U.S. uses the same amount of energy to power its air conditioning systems as Africa uses to power the entire continent!

First Private Residence with Air Conditioning

Charles Gilbert Gates built the first fully air-conditioned home in Minneapolis in 1913. His mansion took up three city lots, complete with gold plumbing in the bathrooms. Unfortunately, Mr. Gates died before his home was completed and he never had a chance to experience his air-conditioned home.

First Public Building with Air Conditioning

In 1903, the New York Stock Exchange building became one of the first public buildings to install air conditioning.

First President with Air Conditioning

The first President to enjoy air conditioning in the White House was Herbert Hoover. He spent $30,000 to install it, just after the Great Depression started.

Population Growth

In the 1960s, air conditioning shifted U.S. populations and helped to grow states like Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Summer Break

Students can thank the lack of air conditioning for their summer breaks! Since most schools did not have air conditioning and it’s hard to focus on the heat, schools shut down during the summer to save kids from the unbearable summer heat.

Summer Blockbusters

Movie theaters were one of the first public businesses to have air conditioning. The movie studios saved their big hits for the summertime when everyone flocked to the theaters to enjoy films and a break from the heat. Thus, the term “Summer Blockbuster” was born!

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