By Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing

What to do before you call

If your air conditioning doesn’t feel quite right, don’t panic and jump to conclusions. Try the following before calling for service. You just may be able to get it back up and running yourself.

  • Make sure the thermostat is switched to the “cool” position and that the desired temperature (setpoint) is below the room temperature shown on the thermostat reading. Depending on the brand of the thermostat, either the words “cool on” or a snowflake symbol will be displayed. If the words or symbol is flashing, wait until it stops (approximately 5 minutes).
  • Make sure the circuit breaker for your air conditioner is in the “on” position. If there is red showing at the switch or the switch is in the center, it is likely “off or tripped.” For a furnace, the circuit breaker may be labeled, “furnace, FAU, or Air Handler.” An air conditioner circuit breaker will likely be labeled as “AC, Condenser, Heat Pump, or Cond.” If you have a heat pump, both circuit breakers must be in the “on” position for the system to work. If the circuit breaker(s) are off, reset by switching first to the off position and then on. If they go off again immediately when reset, do not reset them again. Call for service right away!
  • If your furnace or air handler is located in a closet or the garage, make sure that it is plugged in or that the switch is in the on position. (The switch resembles a light switch.)
  • Ensure that the air filter is clean. Dirty air filters impede good airflow and performance, including cooling properly. If the filter needs changing, replace it and switch the thermostat to off and then on. See if normal operation resumes.
  • If your system is still not cooling properly after performing steps 1 through 4, turn the thermostat to the off position and call for service. Also, if during these system checks, you notice that your outdoor unit is operating and your indoor fan is not circulating air, turn the system off and call for service.
  • If you notice that the fan on your outdoor unit is not operating, turn the system off and call for service.
  • Note: If at any time during the previous system checks, you feel uncomfortable with your ability to properly initiate a step or interpret the results, contact us today. Our AC installation and service team is happy to help!

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