By Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Summer Is Coming… Are You Ready?

Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers the following low- or no-cost tips to ensure your home is more energy-efficient and comfortable during the dog days of summer in Las Vegas:

  • Use a programmable thermostat – by having the temperature at a constant setting that automatically adjusts according to your usage you can save up to 10% annually on your cooling costs.
  • Constant fan – For less room temperature variability and cleaner air, run the fan on your furnace continuously throughout the summer.
  • Have adequate attic insulation – increase if less than 5 inches.
  • Seal cracks and openings in foundations, around windows, doors, and electrical outlets with caulking or weather-stripping.
  • Seal leaking ducts and insulate – especially ductwork in crawlspaces, attics, or garages.
  • Adjust registers – Because hot air rises and cold air falls, leave upper floor registers open in summer and partially or completely close registers on lower floors.
  • Check cold air returns – There should be at least 6 inches of space between furniture or objects and cold air returns.
  • Turn off electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, ovens, and lamps that put off a lot of heat when not in use.
  • Keep the heat and sunlight out by adjusting drapes on windows facing the direct sun during the day.
  • Landscape for efficiency – use plantings to block sun exposure
  • Clean or replace filters monthly – dirty filters cost money.
  • Keep outdoor units free from debris – accessible fresh air is important for efficiency.
  • Schedule annual maintenance – Last but most important, keep your system running at its best by having an annual check-up!
  • For all of your Las Vegas AC repair needs, turn to Sierra Air Conditioning & Plumbing. Our team of top-rated cooling technicians is available 24/7!

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